5 Best Exercises For Weight Loss

What is the Best Exercises For Weight Loss? Exercise is an additional dietary approach to reduce the body’s additional pounds. Several studies have estimated that every year a vast number of people attempt to lose bodyweight. And initially, they rely on a fixed diet plan. A diet plan, be it a low-carb, low-fat, or keto, can’t make the whole weight loss program work. It needs a little more extra effort. If you would notice carefully, your daily physical activities are helping you through the whole plan. It’s burning out the extra calories, and the diet plan is just filling the calorie deficit in return.

Exercises For Weight Loss

A diet plan is designed to enrich your body with the exact amount of nutrients to generate energy. The daily foods that you consume contain a few amounts of carbs, protein, and other nutrients. These carbs act as the primary energy source. If you don’t work out regularly to ensure calorie burn, the carbs turn into fat, affecting your fitness. Hence, try to follow a regular exercise routine to reach your potential goal.

To help you have a better knowledge of weight loss exercises, we have tried to make a basic guideline. It doesn’t need any high-intensity interval training to have a fit physique. This can be performed at your home as well. You can choose the suitable one for you, as there are various forms of exercises to perform. 

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Yoga can be a good Exercises For Weight Loss

Indeed, people don’t really consider yoga as a weight loss exercise. However, It still works on burning calories that boost your maximum efforts. It isn’t only a way of effective weight loss, but it’s an amazing way to relieve stress and promote several health benefits. 

Harvard Health said that a yoga session of 30 minutes could burn 149 calories of 70 kg (155 pounds). Furthermore, a 90-minute of yoga sessions per week can have a great impact on waist circumference. Those who have obesity risk factors may try performing yoga for some time. It will give you control over your physical health and help you attain mental well-being as well. 

Cycling is a Great Weight Loss Exercise

If you seek fitness advice from any medical experts, they would probably tell you to enhance your workout sessions through general daily activities. This may include going to any nearby destination by cycling. Cycling is a very effective activity to improve body fitness. It helps to burn 260 calories of 70 kg (155 pounds) per person in only a 30 minutes cycling session. If you speed up a little more than the moderate pace, it might burn around 298 calories in 30 minutes. These daily activities of obvious calorie burn help to burn the body fat rapidly. 

Although cycling is a traditional activity that’s performed outdoors, you can find alternate cycling ways, like a stationary bike in a gym that works the same as cycling. So you can keep on practicing in a gym if you like to perform indoor workouts. 

Jogging or Running

running and jogging are totally not the same things. They have a key difference in speed. The jogging pace is around 4-6 mph, whereas the running pace is faster than that. These exercises are usually practiced outdoors, but you can use a treadmill as an alternative to practice the task indoors.

According to Harvard Health, 30 minutes of jogging can burn up to 298 calories for a 70 kg (155 pounds) person. Furthermore, running can burn up to 372 calories per 30 minutes for 70 kg (155 pounds). Jogging and running can be performed anywhere and anytime, making the workout schedule flexible for you.


Apart from jogging, walking is another weight loss exercise that ensures keeping your medical condition fine as well. Walking is a kind of exercise that doesn’t crank up your heart rate if performed regularly. Besides, it keeps the joints safe as it doesn’t stress out the entire body.

You can start by walking for 30-40 minutes a day. If you keep waking like this 3-4 times per week, you will get used to it easily. You can burn up to 167 calories a day, research by Harvard Health, if you go at a slow pace for 30 minutes. That is an average rate for a 70 kg (155 pounds) person. At first, it will feel quite dreadful, but over time you will be adjusted.

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Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a very easy exercise that increases foot speed, shoulder strength, and coordination level. With this easy jumping seal workout, you can consume a lot of calories. However, not everyone can jump rope for a longer period of time. You can try taking some rest in between while performing the task. Try jumping as much as you can until you get tired. Then, rest and jump again for a few minutes. If you keep on practicing this exercise, you will notice rapid physical changes. It can give you a perfect fit body within no time. 

The Bottom Line

These different types of exercises might be the key techniques to boost your weight loss progress. But not always; you need to focus on specific exercises. You can focus on the general activity levels. Like using the stairs instead of elevators, daily activity can burn out extra calories throughout the day. Likewise, you can use some simple technics to turn your daily activities into workouts.

  • Take 20 minutes to walk after each meal
  • Try walking more throughout the day
  • Try to take extra trips to stores or for any other works
  • Try weight lifting through house chores

You can try out interval training if you find it hard to keep up with the daily scheduled exercises. There are many other exercises to boost your efforts in reducing body mass. Make sure to enjoy the exercise you choose to perform. If you don’t feel interested in a task, it will make you tired more often than usual. So, it’s a must that you choose something suitable so that you can stick to it for a long time to see the expected results. Other than that, exercises have a key role in keeping your health fine and sound. It can prevent the risk of heart disease, and control blood sugar levels and other chronic diseases. 

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