10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight with Water

You have clicked the link because you are interested to know about losing weight with water. So I would like to tell you that finally, you are on the right page while searching for weight loss with water. Today I am going to narrate 10 easy ways to lose weight with water.

Our bodies contain 73% of water. So, it’s of utmost necessity to drink enough water to keep ourselves hydrated. However, drinking water can also reduce weight as it does not have any calories or sugar but suppresses our appetite. This weight-loss method is an age-old method. 

Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to utilize water in reducing weights. You can use water with the following 10 methods to lose weight.

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1. Early in the Morning:

Drinking one or two cups of water on an empty stomach in the morning will accelerate the weight loss process. Because the whole night we don’t drink water and wake up in the morning already dehydrated. Moreover, water will fill up your empty stomach, and you end up eating less food in breakfast. So, having one or two cups of water will refuel your baseline. However, it also helpful for those who involve in morning medication. 

2. Drink Water Before Main Meals:

 Try to drink a glass of water before you start your meal in breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It acts as an appetite suppressant. You will feel fuller and hence you won’t feel like eating much, still satisfied like those who don’t drink water before meals. 

According to WebMD, a health resource website has found in a study that drinking pre-meal water reduces the intake of foods that delivers 75 calories per meal. If you follow this before all the daily meals, you take 2700 fewer calories in a calendar year and up losing 8 pounds. 

3. Drink water during meals:

A great way to stay hydrated is drinking during meals. It helps in cutting down excess calories of foods. Taking a sip of water between bites will make you feel full and consume less intake.

4. Drink Ice Cold Water:

A study shows that people who drink ice-cold water consume less food than those who drink normal temperature water. 

WebMD editorial staff states that those who drink ice-cold water have improved metabolism than those who drink normal temperature water. Because our body has to work hard to make the ice-cold water warm and burn more calories.

5. Replace Cold Drinks with Water:

When you are on a weight losing project, you must ignore cold drinks containing high-fructose corn syrup, sodas, etc. These components make our body dehydrated faster by soaking up the remaining water in our body. Moreover, sugar contains unnecessary calories to our body, which makes us fat. 

Likewise, drinks that are rich in caffeine (coffee) should be cut off. The reason is caffein pulls off necessary water from our body, leaving us dehydrated. 

 Like caffeinated drinks, alcohol should be avoided. Personally, I don’t recommend drinking alcohol, but if you are going to do that, make sure you are drinking water between drinking alcohol. It will help us to stay hydrated.

6. Have one sip of water before sleeping at night

You can have one or two sips of water before sleeping, not more than that. Just to keep your throat hydrated. If you drink one or two glasses, you will have to go to the bathroom at midnight, interrupting your sleep. But those who are on medication may feel thirsty at midnight. So keep a jar of water beside your bed.

  • Eat water-rich foods. 

We know fruits and vegetables are very rich in water. Such an amazing food is watermelon, which contains 97% water. So clearly, it can be a tasty alternative to water with other crucial components. Even food like meat has 60% water. Some of the water-rich foods are steak, chicken, soup, lettuce, cucumbers, grapefruit, apples, grapes, carrots, etc. These foods are a great water source for those looking for an interesting water source from other foods.

8. Drink water mixing different flavors:

I know how it feels to drink water all day continuously. To increase the intake of water, you can fix different food flavors with water. Check if they are calorie-free or not. I hope it will change your drinking experience and increase the amount of water intake. 

Go to the store and buy some vegetables and fruits like cucumbers, melons, mint leaves, strawberries, and other juiceable food items. Cut the food items and put them in the water. Keep it like that for a few hours and then drink it. Make sure you are not mixing any sugar-high items. 

9. Drink water every time you come out of the Toilet:

When we piss, a significant amount of water comes out of our bodies. So, to keep yourself hydrated, try drinking water after using the washroom.  


10. Start Water Fasting for a short term: 

When you feel hungry, drink water instead of food. You will feel fuller. Check how long you can tolerate it. But make sure your health is in a steady-state to allow you for the water fasting. To help you with that, you can eat water-rich foods like cucumber, watermelons to suppress your hunger. 

Remember, people with low blood sugar can’t adopt the method. So, please check your health condition.  

Final Thought On 10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight With Water 

If you are very serious about losing weight, I would recommend you cling to a healthy lifestyle as a well-wisher. I wouldn’t advise you to rely solely on the water, but find a professional program with proven weight loss techniques. But I would suggest you follow the methods of water alongside the core weight loss program. 

Treat our today’s discussion as a part of a weight management system.

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