12 Best High Fiber Snacks for Kids


Fiber is essential for your growing child. Fruits and vegetables are highly recommended as high fiber snacks for kids. To sustain the day, you may occasionally want to serve something heavier and higher in calories. These recipes are all portable, so that you can take them with you. They frequently keep fresh for longer and are suitable for those with a milk allergy because everything is plant-based and contains no animal components.

Fiber is essential for your children’s health care. Ensure your nutritious snack doesn’t contain refined flour, added white sugar, or saturated fats. Your children should eat whole grains, natural sugars, and natural fats.

Choosing the fiver foods is essential. Doing so in daily life is challenging. Kids’ snack consumption can account for a significant amount of their daily caloric intake. Therefore, parents should encourage fiber-rich foods during this time.

In this blog, I have shared the benefits of fiber for your child, how to add fiber to your child’s snacks, and the best high fiber snacks for kids.

Benefits of Fiber for Your Child

The most well-known advantage of fiber is undoubted that it encourages regularity, but it can also boost sensations of fullness. While some types of fiber aid with bowel regularity by keeping things flowing and adding volume to the stool, other types of fiber slow down meal digestion and increase feelings of fullness. To ensure your child gets enough fiber, include a wide variety of fiber-rich foods in their diet.

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How to Add Fiber to Your Child’s Snacks

Engaging your toddler in the preparation and cooking is one of the most acceptable ways to get her interested in nutritious foods. If your child is able, try asking her to wash the vegetables, add berries to pancakes or muffin batters, or arrange the items into works of “food art” on the serving plates.

Here are my suggestions for the 12 Best High Fiber Snacks for Kids.

12 Best High Fiber Snacks for Kids’ Healthy Diet

1) Peanut Butter Cookies

There is no additional sugar because dates are used to sweeten these cookies. These solely have nut-derived natural fats. The ingredients are almond flour. Almonds have a lot of fiber. 2,8 grams of fiber are in one tiny cookie! No cookies for weight loss, although youngsters require a little more fat than adults.

2) Black Bean Brownies

Black beans are one type of bean that has a lot of fiber. Dates are used to sweeten these. Avocado, dates, cocoa powder, and a tablespoon of coconut oil can also make the frosting. So that the frosting stiffens a little, allow it to chill. Add some coconut or almond flakes. One serving of these has 5 grams of fiber. Snacking on dessert is acceptable if it contains the correct healthful elements.

3) Apple Muffins

Apple Muffins 1

Since these apple muffins have no additional fats, they can also be quite healthful. They are sweetened from maple syrup and made gluten-free with oat and almond flour. Apples, almonds, and oats all contain a lot of fiber. Each serving of these apple muffins includes 5 grams of fiber.

4) Green Smoothie Contains High Fiber

Simple green smoothie recipe suitable for children. 1 batch can include up to 14 grams of fiber! Make the smoothie sweet if you want your children to enjoy it.

Green Smoothie 1

You can add ice or frozen fruit to make it a chilly drink. A combination of pineapple, mango, and spinach is sold at some retailers in convenient smoothie fruit bags. For a green smoothie, those are fantastic.Omega-3 fatty acids are provided by chia or flax seeds. Kiwi and avocado both have a lot of fiber.

When incorporating green powders, use caution. Some are not appropriate for kids and may have an unpleasant flavor. Avoid using spirulina since it contains too much iodine, even in modest amounts.

5) Banana Bread

Banana Bread

Although banana bread is sometimes made with a lot of sugar and oil,

some recipe uses entire grains, flax seeds, and of course, bananas. All have high fiber. Maple syrup and apple puree were used as sweeteners, but date paste is also a viable option. Crushed walnuts or pecans work wonderfully in the dough. 3,4 grams of fiber and 174 calories are in one slice.

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6) Fruit Salad

My favorite recommendation for a snack is fruit salad. Pears, apples, bananas, kiwis, oranges, passion fruit, avocados, and pomegranates are examples of fruits that are high in fiber. A dish of fruit salad contains 3-5 grams of fiber.  The fruit salad can be served with ice cream or with some juice added to it.

7) Chocolate Pudding with Plant Milk

Create your chocolate pudding instead of purchasing ones from the supermarket. Making it yourself ensures that it has less sugar and no hazardous preservatives. Place in some lovely little jars and offer as a treat.

You probably won’t believe it, but chocolate pudding can include fiber. However, this recipe’s addition of peanut butter and cocoa powder both do. There are 3 grams of fiber.

8) Popcorn

Popcorn is not only a tasty dish, but it’s also simple to consume enough fiber, with 1 gram every cup. Choose store-bought options low in salt and added sugar if you don’t want to make your own easily in the microwave or on the stovetop.

9) Seed Crackers

One tasty and crispy snack option is seed crackers. They’re pretty simple to produce. The seeds don’t require eggs as binders because they swell up from hot water. Spread the dough out evenly by using two sheets of baking paper. The fiber in one serving is 6 grams. Serve hummus, cherry tomatoes, cucumber spears, and crackers with it.

10) Sliced Fruit and Nut butter on Toast

An easy alternative for a snack is whole grain bread likewise rice cakes. Pick products with whole grains, low salt levels, and no added sugar.

Add nut butter, banana slices, strawberries, or apple slices to the sandwiches as toppings. There are 4 grams of fiber in 1 slice of toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter and sliced banana. Keep in mind to select nut butter without added sugar or oil.

11) Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Additionally produced without sugar, this chocolate mousse is sweetened using dates. Dates and avocados are both rich sources of fiber. 3,2 grams of fiber are present in a tiny serving. Putting everything in a small food processor takes two minutes to produce this delicious dessert or snack.

12)Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding

Put your preferred toppings in a mason jar and keep it there to make it portable. Granola, fruits, nuts, and other ingredients can be combined.

Chia contains a lot of fiber. 10 grams of fiber are in 3 tablespoons. Chia seeds might cause stomach discomfort in some people. Oats and one tablespoon of chia can replace some of the flour.

Final Thoughts

Kids who are selective about what they eat typically require extra fiber in their diet. Helping them obtain more of the fiber they need becomes difficult. To ensure that your child is open to the new or unusual meals they generally reject, you should first make sure you have some basic choosy feeding methods.

To take it a step further, when it comes to high fiber foods for kids, you might need to get a little clever in presenting it to them. That means you must think beyond simply offering the fiber-full food a chance to look enticing and exciting.

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