Is Using A Stationary Bike Good Exercise

If you’re looking for an effective workout routine that will get your heart rate up and keep it that way, try using a stationary bike. Do many people have this question “is using a stationary bike good exercise?” And researchers have proved that to be a very effective exercise method. 

A recent study from the American Council on Exercise found people using a stationary bike at home increased their cardiorespiratory fitness by 60%. The ACES study tested 16 participants over 12 weeks. They did it with each participant cycling between 30 minutes and 45 minutes per day (in addition to normal routines).

Participants improved their max oxygen consumption by 13% during exercise and had an 11% improvement in resting cardiovascular fitness. So, this instance is best to start thinking about how you can incorporate this into your daily life!

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What’s a Stationary Bike?

A stationary bike is one of the most trending exercising equipment. It comes in various styles, sizes and colors to meet your needs.

Exercisers can use it for high-intensity or low-intensity workouts. They are typically used by people who prefer exercising indoors. But they can also be used outdoors if you like to perform your workout outside with you.

The elaboration of “is using a stationary bike good exercise” is huge. But if we point out some most beneficial ones that can burn calories, increase endurance, and improve cardiovascular health, among others! 

How to Get the Most out of Using a Stationary Bike?

A traditional stationary bike is not much of a help to anyone. Why are we saying that? Well, such bikes are most effective for your lower body exercise as your upper body doesn’t get to do much. So, you might experience an unbalanced workout session.

But that doesn’t affect the entire beneficial factor of a stationary bike. In contrast, it is actually a great exercising tool to reducing excess body fat and calorie intake.

When it comes to cardio workouts, running is the king. But if you’re looking for a workout that will get your heart pumping without all of the jostlings and bouncing around, then a stationary bike may be the best tool worth considering.

If you are severely overweight and concerned about the pressure on your heart when exercising, you might consider using a stationary bike regularly. That’s how it will maintain your blood pressure consistency as well. 

We know that the heart has its limits. It has its own rule on how many times per minute it will beat while you’re exercising. And if you are obese, your heart can reach this limit more quickly.

That’s why stationary biking is a great way to lose some fat before starting on something like an intense workout routine – all without putting any stress or pressure on your body! 

Benefits of Using a Stationary Bike

Cycling with a stationary bike can help you to develop your fitness level and protect your joints. Some of the advantages are:

Convenience and safety:

You can work indoors regardless of traffic or weather. 


Running and walking train the lower body muscles in the opposite direction. During the work, the hamstrings at the rear of your leg are performed, cycling works the quads on the front of your thigh.


There will be no impact on the joints, which is vital if you have knee or hip difficulties. You do it sitting down, which is good for folks with persistent back trouble.

Knee support:

Cycling supports natural lubrication of the knee joint and focuses the strength of the development in the quads, which might help in the knee pain. It is sometimes possible to relieve the discomfort by strengthening the knee muscles and providing them with extra support.

Multiple options:

If you are in a fitness center, you will likely have both recumbent bike and upright bikes. The recumbent bike allows you to recline back and support your back, making it excellent for people who have back difficulties.


Most exercise bike are fitted with programs, which allow you to set up or down your own workout. So, you can enjoy your exercises in your own comfort.

You may not be able to do this workout if you have any conditions or lesions, and that’s okay. If your doctor knows about them before starting the program, they can advise on how best to work around these issues to benefit you still where possible.

Things to Consider While Using a Stationary Bike

Unsure of what the best way to stay fit is? Try using a stationary bike! These are great because of their variants, shapes and sizes. There’s something for everyone out there, so don’t fret if you can’t find one that fits your needs right off the bat.

However, when riding a stationary bike, you should always be mindful. A stationary bike is an excellent home weight loss exercise machine. You must choose the best product that suits your comfort zone.

So, try purchasing an exercise bike with adjustable seat height, comfort level preference, stability issues addressed, and stabilizing bars on either side to help give maximum comfort during your exercise. 

The Best Time to Use Your Stationary Bike

It may be ideal to first work out during the morning while exercising, which helps you sleep better. In the evening, gym time, heart rate and body temperature can increase sleep disturbance. Plus, after you get underway, that early workout will give you a rush of energy, so you may be able to cut back on the caffeine.

The Verdict

Now that you know the benefits of exercise, why not try to incorporate more physical activity into your routine? You can start by incorporating a 15-30 minute workout on your stationary bike each day. If this sounds too daunting or time-consuming for you, we’re here to help! Our team is ready and waiting to partner with you in creating an amazing fitness plan tailored specifically to your needs. We’ll work together as partners who are invested in one another’s success–together, we will find ways for you to make exercising easier, so it becomes a habit.

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