Metabolism Boosting Homemade Drinks

Only scheduled workouts are not gonna balance your weight loss issues forever. At times, you need to bring some changes in the little tweaks in diet as well. In that case, you can try some specifics homemade beverages. Especially, the metabolism boosting homemade drinks help you to quickens the weight loss process better. Such drinks bring a positive change in your lifestyle and help to keep your mind fresh either. 

There are plenty of metabolism boosting drinks available. And each of these can be consumed according to your preferences. Generally, homemade drinks are healthier and play an effective role in the weight loss process. These help to reduce appetite and boost metabolism rate in your weight loss journey. 

Metabolism Boosting Homemade Drinks

Our Top Listed Metabolism Boosting Homemade Drinks

Warm lemon water, coffee, protein smoothie, etc work as the best metabolism booster in a weight loss program. Other than these, you can try out some additional beverages if you want. We’ve recommended 10 metabolism-boosting beverages to help you achieve the potential weight loss goal.

Green Tea

The weight watchers always recommend green tea as the best metabolism boosting homemade drinks. Green tea has always helped in reducing cholesterol level of the body. The bioactive compounds of green tea cuts out the additional body fat and encourages rapid weight loss. Besides, the powerful antioxidant of green tea boosts the immunity system. Several studies have shown that people consuming green tea daily in replace of their regular tea has benefited them in many ways other than just metabolism boosting. 


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. If we ask about coffee, there will hardly be anyone who don’t know about this drink. In fact, there are many variants of coffee available across the globe. The power of boosting energy levels and metabolism rate of a cup of warm coffee is the main reason why this beverage has gone famous. Howbeit, it also helps reducing excess weight and encourages healthy lifestyle. And we mean black coffee, and not the usual, with milk and sugar when we are talking about the weight loss coffee. It only takes about a few minutes to make this metabolism boosting homemade drinks that will also work as a weight loss aid.

Acetic Acid

In Apple Cider Vinegar, acetic acid is a key fat burning compound. The compound reduces insulin levels, increases metabolism, eliminates hunger and speed-up weight loss. You’re also kept more completely filled with Apple Cider Vinegar for more time to avoid overgrowth. All you have to do to speed up the weight loss process is a spoonful of CAV in a glass of water.

Coconut Water

Metabolism process becomes healthier and nutritious with the ingestion of coconut water. We are keeping this in our top listed metabolism boosting homemade drinks because it really helps to increase metabolism due to the bio-active enzymes. This is an effective ingredient that also help to aid digestion and let you shed the extra body pounds. It also enhances your immunity to insulin and lowers your cholesterol. Avoid the tetra-packs and drink fresh water if you want to maximize the coconut water health benefits.

Ginger Tea

Fresh ginger has many proven health benefits due to the healthiest herbs containment. Besides the boost rate for metabolism, it also helps to reduce weight. Ginger’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties may help avoid cardiovascular problems caused by obesity. A research also shows that the metabolism of ginger tea increases the thermal effect of food by 43 calories. You will also feel full for a longer period of time, not just ginger tea but also ginger water before meals. Therefore, it’s considered another best metabolism boosting homemade drinks ever. 

Lemon Water

Lemon water has metabolism-boosting properties that can aid in weight loss. Adding some spoons of lemon juice to your water will increase your body’s metabolic rate and help to reduce weight. It has minimal calories and vitamin C to boost immunity and absorption of iron.

Fennel Water

Fennel water is encouragement because it contributes to reducing indigestion, which also contributes to decreasing body weight. Fennel seeds have an antibacterial property to help you maintain a safe intestine and to digest food more quickly. Despite what some health experts say, scientists are still investigating whether fennel is an effective appetite suppressant. Whatever, fennel tea can be a good sweet, low-cal sip, if you love the taste of licorice.

Protein Powder Shake

You might’ve heard of protein shakes that are known to be an amazing metabolism boosting homemade drink. But did you know adding some powder to that shake can be more effective? Not just the metabolism, you can also reduce your extra pounds with this. Protein is a macronutrient that satisfies the stomach. It stimulates hormones like GLP-1, which reduces the feeling of hunger, and the hormone ghrelin, which monitors your appetite. Therefore, it keeps you distanced from unnecessary eating to control weight gain issues.

Vegetable Juice

Fruit juice can be high in sugar, but a better low-carb drink is fresh vegetable juice. Many know that vegetable juice is full of nutrients and vitamins essential for digestive health. However, researchers have discovered that people who drink vegetable juice or increase vegetable intake achieve a better metabolism rate. Besides, this helps a person lose weight as veggies have a lot of fiber that can prevent hunger torments.

Cumin Tea

Cumin the spice making curry yummy with the active ingredient is known as thymoquinone has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, cumin tea could work wonders if you feel heavy and floated. Cumin can also help to reduce blood sugar and LDL cholesterol, which can make it difficult to exercise safely. While some studies have shown that cumin can help with weight loss, further research is needed to confirm its direct effectiveness.

Final Thoughts on Metabolism Boosting Homemade Drinks If you strive to lose weight rapidly, it is a simple habit to increase your metabolism with delicious low-calorie drinks such as these. I propose that people who strive to lose weight be drunk a gallon of water per day or 4 litres. These metabolism-boosting beverages can assist you in achieving your target. One gallon of water intake a day helps you keep your system full, improve your metabolism, and have many other water advantages.

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