Six Ways to Relieve Back Pain at Home


How to relieve back pain at home is one of the most sought out questions online. Before learning how to relieve back pain at home, it is crucial to know what causes back pain. You are more likely to have back pain if used to prolonged sitting or standing, unhealthy food habits, and even poor walking posture. After searching the internet, I have come across many ways to treat back pain. From them, I will discuss next the six ways to relieve back pain at home. I hope at least one of these six ways will help you to reduce your back pain. Note that all of the following methods are scientifically proven.

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Six easy ways to relieve back pain at home

Change your food and drink habit

First and foremost, what you eat and drink is essential. Make sure you are drinking 8-10 glasses of mineral water every day. Avoid carbonated drinks, especially with caffeine, as it depletes your body even after drinking enough water. Eat foods that are rich in magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B-12. Be careful! Sometimes deficiency of Vitamin D can cause back pain too. So you need to eat foods that are rich in vitamin D. Cod liver oil, salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, eggs, liver beef, cheese are very rich in Vitamin D. Besides, you can drink Vitamin D—fortified milk. 

Relieve Back Pain

But You should not overeat. Otherwise, it is going to put more pressure on your back.

Keep yourself active as much as you can

Most people around the world search by the term ‘easiest home remedies for back pain.’ If you are one of them, I would suggest you to keep moving. It is one of the simplest and easiest home remedies for people who are suffering from back pain. When you have back pain, you feel uncomfortable moving frequently. So, what do you do to avoid the pain? Doing nothing and laying on the bed, right? Well, you may get relief from pain for that particular moment, but it puts on more pressure on your back. Therefore, it aggravates your condition. 

Try to do some yoga every day, at least for 15 minutes. Doing this type of exercise on a routine basis will relieve your back pain. It will also help you to improve your posture. Start walking more as it strengthens your back muscles.

In this situation, you should try to limber up and move. These will warm and strengthen your core muscles. Also, walk in the home and try some household chores. But keep in mind, don’t dare to lift anything heavy or bend too much all of a sudden.

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Learn Pilates

Another way to relieve back pain is Pilates. Pilates is one of the physical fitness systems to strengthen your core muscles. It was named after Joseph Pilates. But he called it ‘Conrology.’ It gradually relieves your discomfort and prevents it from repeating as it strengthens the core muscles. As a result, your get back gets enough support. The principle of the method is that you have to keep your body structurally balanced to function at the optimum level. The gentle stretching enhances the movements of Pilates, which align the body part. Thus you able to have balance.    


Whenever there is pain, we often tend to massage ourselves. But you have to follow the recommended way. It requires you a tennis ball and a comparatively thin mattress. First, lay on the bed, bending your knees. Then put a tennis ball under your back and hold it for a few seconds. Then put the ball in a new area and follow the same instructions. To get a more thorough massage, use two balls simultaneously, putting it in a sock. 

Seat Therapy

Seat therapy is the most convenient way of treating your back pain and calling it suitable in the sense that you can try it at home or office. It is quite difficult for you to manage both your office and your bad back at the same time. With seat therapy, you can conquer this problem. All you need is a rubber ball and chair. Sit on your chair, lengthening your spine. Then lay your back straight and put the ball under your tailbone. When you do that, you are compelled to sit straight, stretching your back. Repeat it every five minutes and then change the area of the ball.  

Sit back and relax 

Sometimes stress works as the root of all problems. It goes the same with back pain too. So, sometimes you need to sit back and relax. This is the most straightforward job to treat your back pain. Switch off your phone, stay offline for 1-2 days. Grab a book and read with soothing background music. You are more likely to feel better once your stress level goes down.

Final thoughts on six ways to relieve back pain at home

These mentioned ways are the easiest and simplest remedy for back pain. You are supposed to get the result of you having minor back pain. In most cases, the pain of this nature automatically goes away in a few days. But if you see that the pain is getting severe and lasting for a long time, you should immediately consult a specialist. Follow the instructions they recommend you for back pain.

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