Do Sugar Free Energy Drinks Cause Weight Gain?

Sugar is an enemy for anyone who wants to lose weight, so manufacturers have created various products for people who don’t want the extra calories in their diet. Along with other diet trends, you will find several sugar free energy drinks options in stores and fast-food menus.

Regular energy drinks like Monster, Rockstar, and Redbull have high amounts of sugar, so people often opt for the sugar-free alternative.

They may seem a healthier option because of the absence of sugar and calories, but many experts would argue. What makes them sweet if they don’t contain sugar?

This article will discuss the effects of zero sugar energy drinks on your body.

Is Sugar Bad For You?

Sugar contains high amounts of calories to provide you with energy. However, sugar does not contain nutrients and is not filling.

Sugar Free

Several unhealthy foods or beverages may contain too much sugar and calories that are unnecessary to your diet.

A diet high in sugar is associated with an increase in overweight and obese people. Obesity is a rising public health concern; hence doctors recommend a low-calorie diet in overweight patients.

In addition, excessive daily intake of sugar can increase your risk for lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and metabolic syndrome.

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Will Sugar Free Energy Drinks Make You Fat or Lose Weight?

Sugar free energy drinks have lower calorie content than regular ones since there are no added sugars. However, some may argue that sugar-free may not be best for you.


Your weight is mainly affected by the number of calories you take and your lifestyle. Reducing the amount of sugar you consume can help you reach a calorie deficit.

Nevertheless, drinking sugar free energy drinks without changing unhealthy habits will not make you lose weight. There is more to just choosing sugar-free alternatives in burning fats.

On the other hand, sugar free energy drinks do not make you fat based on their nutritional content. Although it may not directly affect weight gain, it may serve as an illusion to allow yourself to eat more portions.

Drinking regular energy drinks full of sugar can certainly make you fat with the direct increase of calories taken.

Sugar Free Energy Drinks Amazon

Hence, sugar-free over a regular energy drink seems the right choice if you don’t want to gain weight. This logic may be valid for a rare or occasional need for an energy drink.

However, an energy drink with zero sugar will contain other ingredients that can cause health concerns with long-term use.

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What Are In Zero Sugar Energy Drinks?

If sugar free energy drinks have no trace of sugar, what makes them sweet? When you see zero sugar or sugar-free on the label, it is most likely using artificial sweeteners.

These sugar substitutes are associated with various adverse effects. Many health-conscious individuals avoid artificial sweeteners because of the controversies that envelop them.

Energy Drinks

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the following:

  • Aspartame
  • Acesulfame potassium
  • Neotame
  • Saccharin
  • Sucralose
  • Advantame
  • Stevia

The primary purpose of using sugar-free alternatives is to avoid sugar or lower caloric intake. Their demand in the beverage industry is the highest. It is an attractive option for people with diabetes and obesity.

However, scientific research is lacking to support the safety and long-term use of artificial sweeteners in foods and beverages.

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Side Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

Recent studies suggest that zero sugar energy drinks may cause problems with gut health and glucose tolerance. Artificial sweeteners are also sweeter than regular sugar, affecting taste receptors and triggering cravings.

People with diabetes usually take sugar free energy drinks over regular ones. Sugar can directly affect their blood glucose levels causing harmful effects.

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are less detrimental to people with diabetes than sugar. Despite this, experts would not recommend drinking sugar free energy drinks frequently because of insufficient evidence on their safety and effects.  s

Studies link these effects to developing type 2 diabetes, metabolic disorders, and insulin resistance. Therefore, zero sugar energy drinks can eventually cause weight gain due to the increased risk of these diseases.

Other diseases linked to artificial sweeteners include brain tumors, bladder cancer, and carcinogenicity. The existing research on artificial sweeteners is inconsistent and insufficient.

Can Drinking Zero Sugar Energy Drinks Frequently Affect Your Health?

Zero sugar energy drinks are low in nutritional value despite the omission of calories. They are not the best choice of beverage to boost your energy, especially for commercial drinks.

Zero sugar energy drinks contain low amounts of vitamins or minerals. Commercial energy drinks are usually formulated with caffeine, guarana, taurine, L-carnitine, and other stimulants.

These are not ideal for anyone who wants to be healthy. The sugar-free label on the can may seem unsuspecting, but other ingredients are still a cause of concern.

Drinking an energy drink from time to time when you need a boost for an urgent activity or work will not harm your health and weight.

However, drinking sugar free energy drinks too frequently will cause unwanted effects on your health. It can eventually make you fat, especially if you do not practice healthy eating habits or exercise.

There are other ways to feel energized for the day without worrying whether what you’re drinking will make you fat. Always check the ingredients and nutrition labels of the products you buy.

Some products in the market have catered to more health-conscious consumers. Drinks that provide a balanced amount of vitamins, sugar, and caffeine are good alternatives. Plant-based or natural ingredients can be beneficial for your health and weight.

You can ask a nutritionist if you have a medical condition and want to try other drinks without high amounts of sugar, yet do not want to compromise your health.

👍Pros of Sugar Free Energy Drinks

  • It does not contain sugar, so it also has no calories
  • Better choice over regular energy drinks
  • People with diabetes may take them in moderation
  • An energy boost without the increased calories
  • Occasional intake does not pose harm
  • Does not directly cause weight gain with moderate intake

👎Cons of Sugar Free Energy Drinks

  • It does not contain nutrients
  • It has high caffeine content
  • Contains additives and artificial ingredients
  • May cause unwanted side effects with frequent and long-term use
  • Artificial sweeteners lack research to support their long-term effect and safety
  • Zero sugar energy drinks can make you fat if taken frequently


Sugar contains a high amount of empty calories that contribute to weight gain. Therefore, a regular energy drink full of sugar will make you fat, and a zero sugar energy drink would be a better option.

Yet the sugar-free or zero sugar label may not benefit your health or weight. An energy drink with zero sugar will contain other ingredients such as caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

Experts still doubt the safety of sugar substitutes if taken frequently for a prolonged period. Some studies have found that they may eventually cause health problems that lead to weight gain.

Being familiar with the ingredients and nutritional value is essential. A better way to avoid weight gain while boosting your energy is to choose a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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