What are the Best Type of Exercises for Weight Loss?

Losing weight is as equally challenging as it is easy to say. It is not fun either. In the entire weight loss journey, you may feel that you are getting a slow outcome. But do you know you can accelerate the process?

Well, there are many exercises to do it. Unfortunately, most people do the diet without workouts and end up getting frustrated. Now you may ask, “What are the best type of exercises for weight loss?”. I would say it all depends on you. Sounds weird?

But that’s what it is. What exercise you do while dieting will help you speed up the weight loss. But today I am going to tell you what exercises worked best for me to lose weight. 

Exercises for Weight Loss

Bodyweight Exercises:

If your body is in good condition to endure cardio exercises such as burpees, jumping jacks, butt kicks, high knees, and squat jumps, then you must proceed with that.  

If you choose strength training, you need the necessary equipment for that. However, you can make the exercises more challenging by following several ways. It will gradually make you stronger as you lift heavier weights over the period. 

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Have you ever attend a boxing class? If yes, then you know how sweaty and intense it is. One study on high belly fat adults has found that a four-day boxing regimen per week is more effective in reducing belly fat than a regular walking session. 


If you have either a spin bike or a road bike, or even a cruiser, let me tell you that you have great weight to loss equipment. Because cycling is also a handy weight loss exercise. As per research, it has a significant impact on the health improvement process. The study also added that commuting is as convenient as working out to lose weight. 

Jump Roping:

Jump roping is the kind of activity that burns your full-body calorie. An hour of jumping rope session can burn 600-800 calories. To be realistic, no one can do a jump rope session for one hour without breaks because we are not machines. But still its a pretty easy to raise your heart rate. 


Rowing is another full-body exercise with low impact. As it is a low-impact exercise, people with all levels of physical strength can opt for it. A research article published in the ”Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine” states that people with low physical fitness successfully reduced fat mass within six weeks by doing a five-day rowing per week. 


Running is one of those workouts that automatically comes to our mind for weight loss. It’s an excellent exercise for weight loss, provided that you are not overeating for recovering the burned calories in the name of refueling. The ideal way to start is the 5 minutes of slow running alongside five rounds consist of 30-second sprints each. 

Strength Training:

You will often see overweight people are doing strength training like heavy weight lifting. Because it improves metabolism and thus accelerates the calorie burn after workouts. Though any weight lifting will help you burn fat, heavy weight lifting burns the maximum calories. Moreover, it helps to increase bone density and muscles.  


Swimming is another source of low-impact exercise. If you have a lower fitness level, you won’t find many activities that suit your physical condition, like swimming. So people who find cardio forms of exercise too hard can opt for swimming. Whereas the risk of getting injured is high in other full-body exercises, the risk is almost zero in swimming. Three swimming sessions with a duration of 60 minutes per week improves your body composition if you are a middle-aged woman. (Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation)


This may not be an exercise, but it significantly contributes to calorie burning. It is also known as NEAT (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis), another captivating way of burning our calories. 

NEAT accounts for calorie burn outside of the activity like the workout, sleeping, and eating. It burns around 15% of our daily energy and improves internal functions, including blood pressure, blood sugar, and digestion. Doctors recommend a 10-minute walk after every major meal will speed up digestion and decrease stress.


Yoga is one of the most search terms on GOOGLE. If you see the stats, you will find it up in the table. Because the curiosity and popularity of yoga have increased by a noticeable amount. So more people are searching online. 

Experts recommend it for increasing calorie burns (Maximum 200 in 30 minutes). Other health benefits include increased flexibility, strength while decreasing distress at the same time. 

Final thoughts on the Best Types of Exercise for Weight Loss

Remember, you always need to be in calorie lack. That’s what it’s all about. The exercises will only help to fasten the calorie burn process. So you have to maintain a combination of food consumption and calorie burn activities. 

You must remember the fact that you need enough protein for rebuilding your post-exercise muscles.  

However, experts suggest learning how to calculate the macros more easily to manage than calorie counting, but it is important to find an ideal ratio for your goals. In this situation, a macros calculator will be a great-hand for you.

If you are already or about to step in a weight-loss mission, keep in mind that recovery habit is equally vital as exercises. Some of us have a misconception about the exercises in weight loss. We tend to think that doing more exercise will burn more calories. But this is a huge mistake. The truth is you need rest and repairing as well to see a change. Otherwise, you may end up overtraining syndrome, which is more likely to cause injury, fatigue, and sleep disorder

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